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Falconry at Featherstone

For Louise Engel and Dave Johnson, the decision to fly a raptor over their 23-acre vineyard and winery really was a no brainer. Like so many other fruit growers across North America, the owners of Featherstone Estate Wineries in Ontario’s Niagara Region had waged a frustrating war against starlings. A flock of 5,000 can consume a ton of fruit in

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Made-in-Canada Single Malt

There’s a little piece of highland heaven hidden on Canada’s east coast. Tucked away in Glenville, County of Inverness, along Cape Breton’s Ceilidh Trail, is an area sufficiently isolated for most of its history that it has maintained a great many of its Celtic customs. It’s an area where the kids are as likely to learn fiddling and highland dancing

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How to Pair Wine

The plate in front of me offers an interesting array of items to tantalize the taste buds. There’s a wedge of apple and another of lemon. A dollop of cake frosting sits between a sliver of salmon and a slice of cheddar cheese. And there are two teaspoons: one holding a pinch of salt, the other with hot pepper flakes.

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