Dealing with Diabetes

The instructions really come down to four simple steps. Inject the liquid already in the syringe into the little glass bottle with the white pill. Shake until the pill dissolves and mixes with the liquid. Draw the new mixture back into the syringe Inject the mixture into my unresponsive husband. I’m learning to administer a drug named Glucogone, though, if

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Falconry at Featherstone

For Louise Engel and Dave Johnson, the decision to fly a raptor over their 23-acre vineyard and winery really was a no brainer. Like so many other fruit growers across North America, the owners of Featherstone Estate Wineries in Ontario’s Niagara Region had waged a frustrating war against starlings. A flock of 5,000 can consume a ton of fruit in

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Quality from Bean to Bar

Linda Gilbert admits she’s no fan of take out. Especially when it comes to fine chocolate. The co-founder of family run The Island Chocolate Company in Victoria-by-the-Sea believes good chocolate deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated. And that, she insists, takes time. “We have this aversion to take out. We’ve tried a couple of different ways to discourage it. But

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